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Skilled and positively challenged teams are critical to employee engagement and overall organisational success. Ultimately, every successful business positively impacts on national economic well-being. Developing our teams and keeping them engaged is therefore where the primary focus should be. Employee engagement is a state or behaviour that encourages employees to be passionate about their work so they give heart, energy and mind to the job. Based on the 2017 Gallup report of 155 countries surveyed State of the Global Workforce, companies with high employee engagement rates have an increased productivity rate of 20% as well as 21% for profit. Employee engagement ultimately increases profitability, encourages business development, reduces turnover rate, and improves company efficiency. Unfortunately, according to a Gallup report, the average adult working full time and feeling engaged is only 15%. That means there are about 85% of employees worldwide who do not feel engaged or are unhappy with their work. There are 7 key factors that drive employee engagement levels. Adjusting these can help in designing the right programme which develops and engages your team members: 👉 Nature of work 👉 Meaningful and purposeful work 👉 Opportunities to grow 👉 Recognition and appreciation 👉 Effective and assertive relationship 👉 Communication quality 👉 Leaders who inspire 🔐Lock in your free meeting now to start making progress!

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