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Immersion Programme

  • Are you wondering how to leverage the potential of your team, business or organisation? 

  • Are you thinking about developing your managers and leaders to create an Inclusive Culture and Empowering Leadership practice across your teams?

  • Do your immediate colleagues or the entire team (your people) need to reconnect with each other, rebuild trust & cohesion, re-establish purpose and meaning following the outbreak of COVID-19? 

  • Are you considering embarking on a cultural transformation adventure that will unlock your people potential?

  • Do you need a people solution that will ignite and transform your organisational culture? 

Our Creating a Coaching Culture Programme is the perfect answer. It guides you through establishing an empowering organisational culture that is based on developing the habit of having transformational Coaching Conversations with your people.

What are Coaching Conversations? They’re a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires people to maximise their personal + professional potential.

Coaching is a catalyst for sustainable transformational change. It’s a life-changing experience that dramatically improves your outlook on life and work. It transforms leadership, talent, skills, behaviours and overall team effectiveness.

Imagine if empowering leadership would form an integral part your business DNA and culture… What could your people achieve? How much more engagement, productivity, innovation, creativity and commitment could be unlocked in them?

Our Creating a Coaching Culture Programme unlocks people potential and transform business and organisational culture.

This programme is designed for front line leaders, team supervisors, executives & senior directors, HR/people professionals, organisational development/effectiveness professionals and cultural transformation experts.

Available as:

  • Light Immersion Programme (2 hours - virtual)

  • Medium Immersion Programme (1/2 day - virtual or in person)

  • Full Immersion Programme (1 day - virtual or in person)

What you'll learn

Taking part in this programme, you’ll learn about coaching models and frameworks that are at the heart of transformational Coaching Conversations - the foundation for an empowering Coaching Culture! Being equipped with this powerful people knowledge and skill-set, and applying it, you’ll uncover + develop real talent. You’ll be able to elicit the tremendous people potential that exists in your business or organisation.


Learn to apply the internationally recognised Coaching Model GROW


Leverage Coaching as a catalyst for Transformational Change in your team, business or organisation


Develop a Coaching Mindset in yourself and your team


Be more perceptive towards opportunities as a result of a Coaching Mindset - not just in everyday life but for you as a leader


Understand how to use Coaching Conversations for Cultural Transformation and Inclusive Leadership


Understand how to create a Coaching Culture


Develop organisational talent and create a High Performing Culture by utilising Coaching as a people solution


Be able to raise awareness and educate on what Coaching is and what it’s not


Be equipped you with tools, a coaching framework and tips to get you started with Coaching Conversations


Build commitment, capability and confidence to have impactful Coaching Conversations that create a transformational Coaching Culture


Prepare for your first Coaching Conversation and beyond


Explore the different facets of Coaching Conversations


And much more...

What you'll gain

Taking part in this programme, you’ll benefit in the following ways in addition to naturally becoming an influential leader and impactful communicator:


Develop modern, empathetic and impactful leaders: A Coaching Culture challenges leadership behaviours of the past and creates modern leaders with a growth mindset. It removes outdated management techniques and disempowering behaviours


Create opportunities for Diversity, Equality and utilise Coaching as an Organisational Development solution to improve and build on Inclusion through removing and changing outdated control &  command leadership behaviours of the past


Survive in an ever-changing world and successfully implement and embrace change. Creating a Coaching Culture is instrumental in Cultural Change and transformation within teams, businesses and organisations


Develop High Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and understanding what makes your people tick


Develop connection, cohesiveness, communication and meaning through the creation and alignment of personal and business goals securing business success and unlocking potential


And much more...

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Joanna is a high-achieving Senior HR Leader with extensive experience in HR and Business Leadership across different industries and sectors.


Over the course of her 25 year career, she has made significant achievements in Business & HR Strategy, HR Operations & Shared Services, Transformational HR and HR Systems Implementation.

As a strategic HR Business Partner, she advises executive & leadership teams at board level.


Joanna is also a Organisational Design/ Development specialist and a leader of transformation & change with extensive Merger and Acquisition experience.


She is fully qualified and accredited coach in the following areas: Corporate, Executive, Leadership, Personal Performance, Life.

​Joanna has been coaching for more than 20 years.


She enjoys running, listening to music and spending time with her black labrador Barney.

Joanna is co-founder & CEO of Breen & Associates. 



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