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WHAT IS CORPORATE COACHING? Corporate coaching strives to inspire employees to reach certain goals. It focuses on the individual, their happiness, and what they can do to help the organisation be successful. In a good corporate coaching session employees learn to maximise profits and productivity without being too forceful to any people who may work with them. Corporate coaching, when done from the top-level, changes the way an organisation operates. Once senior management starts acting differently, the changes from the top work their way down and the organisation changes. WHAT IS EXECUTIVE COACHING? Coaching helps executives to reach high levels of excellence. This is important because when an organisation is transformed it must start from the top and work its way down. Coaching executives helps in the transformation of an organisation from mediocre to excellent. Corporate coaching can transform an organisation’s performance by strengthening executive talent. Improving executive talent improves performance by enhancing leadership strengths that coincide with business goals. WHY COACHING? There are several reasons for the growing recognition of the need for executive coaching: 👉An increase in executive stress and executive derailment. 👉Corporate leaders today require more complex people skills. 👉Many executive still employ a command-and-control style of management with a resulting lack of loyalty and commitment by staff. 👉Up to 60% of managers assume managerial positions without any training in how to manage people. 👉Training alone has proven inadequate in providing executives with the skills they need. Evidence shows that a critical factor in the transfer of skills is the opportunity to practice and gain constructive feedback. 🔐Lock in your free meeting now to start making progress!

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