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The 3-Step Blueprint That Saves Lives
A transformational programme that frees people from Anxiety & Panic Attacks

Created by Sonja Kirschner aka @MindsetMedium | Ex-Sufferer of Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Depression

Now Acclaimed Life Coach & Top 3 Finalist of The International Coaching Awards 2019

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How The Blueprint is Changing Lives

"This Blueprint has saved my life - quite literally. I used to suffer - big time! I was on anti-depressants, yet I was still depressed. I didn't know what to do anymore. I didn't know what to think. This Blueprint taught me so much - but most importantly it taught me HOW to think. The moment I started to follow the program and committed to a new daily routine, I started feeling better. Now it's just a matter of minutes that I can shift how I feel! Incredible! I'm so glad to have trusted you, Sonja. Thank you so much. You've saved my life!"

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Jessica Chapman
Senior Developer

"I just wish I had come across this Blueprint earlier in life! Prior to me going through the program, I have been on anti-depressants the best part of my life. I've always known in my heart that there was another way, but I didn't know what I could do to change. Nothing seemed to work. The moment I started applying the 3 steps I learnt in the Blueprint EVERYTHING changed! If you've been searching all your life like me - you've arrived! The Blueprint will change your life!"

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Maria Jackson

"I'm forever grateful to have come across this Blueprint. Had you told me before that I can shift myself out of depression in minutes, I wouldn't have believed you! But I have given it a shot (out of desperation), committed myself and followed the blueprint. I'm still working myself through the program but feel already so much better and so much more in control than before I started! For anybody doubting - DO IT! This may be the best investment of your life!"

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Frank DeMore
Software Engineer

"I was initially sceptical, because I was convinced that I've tried it all... Something told me that I had to give it a try. I've always believed in the power of the human mindset, but didn't know how to utilise it for myself. They don't teach you this stuff at school, and doctors don't have the time for anything else other than prescribing you drugs. I've always wanted to be in charge of my own life - starting with how I felt. This Program has taught me HOW to think, HOW to free myself from depression and anxiety, and HOW to create the life that I've always wanted but never believed was possible. I'm eternally grateful!"

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Peter Hull

Here's everything you get as part of the 3-Step Blueprint

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1️⃣ ✅ The 3-Step Blueprint To Stop Anxiety & Panic Attacks™

[£959 Value]

A transformational coaching program that guides you quickly & powerfully from emotional suffering & feeling unfulfilled to lasting Emotional Freedom allowing you to create a life that you love!

2️⃣ ✅ The Unspoken Meditation Secrets™

[£119 Value]

If you are sceptical about meditation, I get it... I was initially too. In this workshop, I talk about the impressive results of meditation from a scientific perspective. Once you hear about the research, you'll absolutely want to make my Guided Meditation a part of your daily routine. Be prepared to be surprised!

3️⃣ ✅ Take Your Power Back: Meditation In Your Pocket™

[£119 Value]

A powerful guided meditation that will vault you from anxiety & panic to feeling peaceful, grateful, empowered and ready to create beautiful experiences. Access it anywhere & anytime it suits you!

4️⃣ ✅ Tapping For Super-Fast Relief™

[£159 Value]

An interactive workshop where you'll learn all about Emotional Freedom Technique aka Tapping to heal emotional & physical pain - fast! You'll experience the power of this technique on your own skin. It has already helped 1000s of people worldwide even when traditional therapies failed...

BONUS: 25% Discount on Private 1-1 Coaching

[£ 178 Value]

Personal 1-1 coaching with the program creator Sonja Kirschner @MindsetMedium: Ex-sufferer of anxiety, panic attacks and depression - now acclaimed life coach & top 3 finalist of International Coaching Awards.

BONUS: Access To Private Facebook Members' Area


As a program graduate, you're free to join the private Facebook members' area Stop Anxiety & Panic Attacks: The Blueprint Mastermind. Gain access to peer-to-peer support and ongoing additional training.

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What is your Emotional Freedom worth?

Feeling emotionally free to create the life that you want, and enjoy a true sense of meaning, isn't going to happen if you don't learn how to utilise the power of your Mindset in your favour!

Instead of wasting valuable time by numbing your pain with anti-depressants yet still oftentimes feeling down, beaten-up and not in control of your life, you can learn the invaluable skills that will not only free you emotionally in the moment, but also for life! The very same skills will empower you to create a life that excites you and gives you a true sense of meaning!

Instead of paying a therapist for another session where you talk about what's weighing you down rather than learn about what can quickly shift you out of depression or anxiety, and empower you to create & enjoy a better quality of life, you can take part in a powerful program that was developed by an ex-sufferer of anxiety, panic attacks and depression who turned her life around! A program that has helped many people find emotional freedom - fast!

I'm excited to bring you The 3-Step Blueprint To Stop Anxiety & Panic Attacks for just 1 payment of £49.00!

What is your Emotional Freedom worth?

A Total Value of £1,608
Retail Price £349
Limited Time Only £49!

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100% Risk Free!

This purchase is absolutely Risk Free. If it doesn't work for you, or if you don't get the results you're after, just send me an email within 30 days of your purchase and I'll refund your entire investment

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You may also want to consider adding The 6 Step Manifesto to Transform Anxiety & Panic Attacks Into Personal Power, which builds on perfectly on the 3-Step Blueprint.

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1-Time Offer: Get INSTANT ACCESS to The 6-Step Manifesto To Transform Anxiety & Panic Attacks Into Personal Power


This manifesto builds on perfectly on The 3-Steps to Stop Anxiety & Panic Attacks. In this manifesto,  I'll guide through healing what's causing your emotional suffering. Following the 6 steps , you will reach ultimate Emotional Freedom and unleash your Personal Power. Only available with The 3-Step Blueprint To Stop Anxiety & Panic Attacks.


Normally:  £599 - Limited Time Only £49!