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Employees are one of your most important assets in any business. Treat them badly and you’ll experience an exodus of talented employees. Treat them well, however, and you will be generally rewarded with hard-working, productive staff who enjoy their work and value their employer. In short, happy employees are productive employees. Yet many businesses still overlook their staff treating them as numbers rather than human beings, concentrating only on cost and efficiency. They are ultimately paying the price. Employee relations is seen as focusing on both individual and collective relationships in the workplace, with an increasing emphasis on helping line managers establish trust-based relationships with employees. A positive climate of employee relations – with high levels of employee involvement, commitment and engagement – can improve business outcomes as well as contribute to employees’ well-being. Shared services is a way for businesses to organise their HR activities. Typically, this means that administrative activities are concentrated into a centralised and commonly shared function. A shared service model can help businesses to reduce costs, avoid duplication of effort, and allow a greater focus on HR and business strategy. 🔐Lock in your free meeting now to start making progress!

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