Breen & Associates are on the mission to unlock the potential of people, teams, businesses and organisations to maximise individual & team performance. 

We believe that engaged employees are happy employees who contribute towards a healthy business culture that promotes equality, creativity and innovation. 

We guide teams towards achieving consistently high levels of engagement, and leaders to foster a coaching culture that brings the best out of people.

We believe that business is a spiritual game seeking to understand people first before asking to be understood. It all starts with the most important relationship - the one you have with yourself!



Meet our core team - Joanna, Sonja & Barney :)

We've also a growing team of associate coaches and transformational Org Design & Development leaders.

Joanna Breen_Nov21_NoBackground.png



Founder & CEO
HR & Employment Law Expert, Corporate & Executive Coach

Joanna is a high-achieving Senior HR Leader with extensive experience in HR and Business Leadership across different industries and sectors.


Over the course of her 25 year career, she has made significant achievements in Business & HR Strategy, HR Operations & Shared Services, Transformational HR and HR Systems Implementation.


As a strategic HR Business Partner, she advises executive & leadership teams at board level.


Joanna is also a Organisational Design/ Development specialist and a leader of transformation & change with extensive Merger and Acquisition experience.

She is fully qualified and accredited coach in the following areas: Corporate, Executive, Leadership, Personal Performance, Life.

Joanna has been coaching for more than 20 years.

She enjoys running, listening to music and spending time with her black labrador Barney.

Sonja Kirschner.png



Co-Founder & CMO

Personal & Business Coach, Mindset & Human Behaviour Trainer

Sonja is a Top 3 Finalists of the International Coaching Awards 2019. She has been featured as a Top 10 Business Coach in Cambridge, England by Influence Digest in 2020.

Sonja is the founder of APower 3 - Coaching, Training & Mind Freedom®.

She is a fully qualified and accredited Executive & Corporate Coach, Personal Performance Coach, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, and a licensed DISC Model of Human Behaviour Trainer. She is also a dedicated practitioner of mindfulness, meditation and spirituality.

Sonja has been coaching for more than 10 years.

She has a great talent for unlocking people’s true potential, increasing their confidence and motivation so that their own performance in personal & professional life, and in business, feels great to them.

Sonja is a multi-passionate entrepreneur and enjoys advising small and large businesses on their marketing strategy & implementation.

She enjoys sports in general, cooking and spending time in the nature.



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Barney is the Chief Happiness Officer at Breen & Associates. He is a happy chappy and is extraordinary in judging people's characters.


Chief Happiness Officer & Food Lover

Barney joined the Breen & Associates team in October 2020 when he was 12 weeks old!

He has an innate talent of finding happiness in everything he does. He radiates contentment and his joie de vivre is infectious. He is a great listener with an exceptional talent for cheering people up. 

Barney is very good at protecting his human friends with a loud bark and growl from what he perceives as danger (usually an unexpected noise outside the office).

He has completed Puppy & Juniors Dog Training. 

He enjoys playing with his favourite sticks (an entire selection from his walks in the forest), taking the team out for a walk, and food - lots of it!