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Leadership development is thought to be key to business success. A study by the Center for Creative Leadership holds that 65% of companies with mature leadership development programmes drove improved business results as compared to 6% of companies without such a programme. Similarly, 86% of companies with leadership development programmes responded rapidly to changing market conditions whereas only 52% of companies with immature programs were able to do so. According to Gallup, over 50% of managers feel disconnected from both their responsibilities and their organisation’s mission. Moreover, 55% of company leaders are looking for outside opportunities. If we couple this with the fact that much of the workforce is either disengaged or actively disengaged in meeting company’s strategic goals, it is not a big surprise why so many organisations are having challenges reaching their ultimate success. It is the senior leadership’s responsibility to invest, develop and grow organisational leaders. This will ensure those leaders are equipped to inspire, motivate and engage the workforce. However, one of the most common organisational failures is that they neglect to identify the attributes and capabilities of their own leaders. Constructing a solid framework for leadership development is the much-needed answer to achieve organisational success. 🔐Lock in your free meeting now to start making progress!

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